Composit is one of those Italian excellences that have contributed to building the history of kitchen design. The Made in Italy style creates a perfect combination of beauty and functionality, thanks to innovative materials, artisan culture, high construction techniques, system flexibility and design creativity.

History and family ties are our strengths. Since 1960 with the Belligotti brand and subsequently with the birth of the Composit brand in 1974, the Belligotti family has measured itself with ‘know-how’ and has transformed the passion for craftsmanship and love for raw materials into an entrepreneurial activity. An experience and a passion that continue to this day with success, with the development of ever new international markets, giving the Italian production of kitchens the added value of a brand recognized all over the world.

The persistence of an artisan culture within the industrial production process constitutes the prevailing element of originality so that, in a Composit kitchen, it is possible to grasp the added value of the culture of the project, of the knowledge of materials and of the ability to create.

An all-Italian passion that originates from the history and geography in which the Belligotti Group was born and developed: the Pesaro furniture district, in which the production cycle of kitchens and cupboards. It is typical of historic Italian companies to be rooted in their own territory, rich in specific and refined skills that constitute the origin of ‘knowledge’, the experience and passion of making the great Italian artisan tradition.

The quality of a kitchen is determined by the ability to meet the expectations of users, first of all the kitchen is a cooking machine, completely customizable and with innovative technologies. The Composit kitchen is a custom-made kitchen for the customer, a highly customized standard product designed for small or large environments, where the flexibility of the systems and the design creativity transform dreams into unique creations.