BABAKAGU is HAND MADE IN JAPAN. Our skilled craftsmen take full responsibility throughout the process, starting from the selection of materials to cutting, sewing, assembly, to finishing. The refined skills of our craftsmen distinguishes, selects and draws on each of these personalities to produce quality sofas. The durability relies on the accuracy of assembly. It may take some time, but the same quality cannot be achieved through machineries. Each of our craftsmen takes full responsibility to create quality products.

For BABAKAGU, repairing is a key part of craftsmanship. Our craftsmen understand the manufacturing process and have their own
workshops, thus we are able to provide high quality repairing service to our customers. From the day your sofa arrives, it begins to mature with time and use. Even when you upgrade your living standard, there is no need for a replacement. It is irreplaceable and can be passed on to generations. BABAKAGU’s sofas are made to be loved, forever